Agile Analog

Current solutions in the market usually involve manual implementation of a specification onto a certain process, sometimes by porting part of a previous design across or by combining several components into one, so that it is usable for a range of target ICs. ASIC and SoC designers often lack the time or expertise to design their own analog circuits and may even shy away from using analog IP due to the effort required to integrate IP, especially when deliverables may not be of high quality. Designers may therefore choose to use off-chip components for the analog part. As a result, designs are typically not closely integrated, have a larger footprint, tend to drain more power and are also more costly in financial terms, than they need to be.

Agile Analog is taking a dynamic and innovative approach by combining proven technologies to bring a revolutionary methodology to analog IP design and customisation. Agile Analog’s innovative design methodology is programmatic, systematic and repeatable leading to analog IP that is more verifiable, more robust and more reliable. Our holistic approach results in shorter design cycles, meaning process updates can be applied at a later stage, so you can be sure that your IP has been designed and verified with the most up-to-date design kits possible.

You select your IP, you select the optimal configuration and you select the right process for your chosen application.  Agile Analog take these exact requirements and then deliver your custom built, fully validated and packaged IP, ready for implementation on your target system. Your component also comes with quality documentation including a specifically generated integration guide and a test guide to help you with the implementation stage.

agileREF GP Voltage & Current Reference

Key Features

  • High Accuracy
  • High PSRR
  • Low noise
  • Programmable output voltage
  • Configurable...

agileLDO GPD Low Drop-Out Regulator

Key Features

  • Customised design for simple SoC integration
  • High performance voltage...

agileTSENSE GP Temperature Sensor

Key Features

  • Accuracy (Uncalibrated) +/-5°C
  • Accuracy (Calibrated) +/-1°C
  • Single-point...

agileADC GP Analog-to-Digital Converter

Key Features

  • Up to 12-bit resolution
  • Up to 20 MSps
  • Up to 8 input channels
  • Rail-to-rail input...

agileDAC GP Digital-to-Analog Converter

Key Features

  • Up to 8-bit resolution
  • Up to 500 kSps
  • High accuracy
  • Low INL and DNL
  • Guaranteed...

agileOSC GP Glitch-Free Clock

Key Features‚Äč

  • Up to 10 MHz output frequency
  • Multiple outputs including divided clocks
  • Accuracy...

agileBBGEN GP Charge-Pump / Body-Bias Generator

Key Features

  • Two selectable (negative) output voltages
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact area

agileCMP GP Programmable-Threshold Comparator

Key Features

  • Rail-to-rail input voltage range
  • High accuracy
  • Low threshold offset...